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1.Are toiletries provided?

We do not provide shampoo, conditioner, or body lotion. Bathrooms are supplied with toilet paper, bath soap, and bath towels.

2.Is there WiFi at Samsara & Legends Resorts?

Yes! We provide free WiFi at both hotels. The WiFi signal in the rooms is very limited, however sometimes it works on your veranda. The WiFi in the public areas is much better.

3.Does Samsara provide tennis equipment?

No. Please bring your own racquets and balls.

4.Do Samsara & Legends provide free snorkeling equipment?

Samsara & Legends no longer provide complimentary snorkeling equipment. We do, however, strongly encourage you to bring, purchase, or rent your own snorkel gear so you can experience the marine wonderland that we’re so lucky to have in our "front yard".

If you wear glasses, please look into having your mask fitted with prescription lenses! It is much cheaper than you'd think, and very well worth it to be able to see everything underwater sharp and clear. Go to your local dive shop to get this done before your trip.

5.Do pre-paid phone cards work with the phones in the hotel rooms?

Our in-room telephone system does not accept pre-paid calling cards bought locally or overseas. However, you can use them easily at local phone booths available around town.

6.Will I be charged for calls I make from the phone in my room?

Yes. Both local and long-distance charges will be billed to your room.

Call Type | 1st Minute (USD) | Additional Minutes (USD)

  • Domestic Local Calls | $1.00 | $0.25
  • Domestic Long Distance | $1.64 | $0.51
  • Domestic Cellular Calls | $1.64 | $0.51
  • International Calls | $3.00 | $1.77
  • Directory Assistance | $2.00 | $0.40
  • Operator Assisted Calls | $6.33 | $2.00
  • Credit Card Calls | $6.00 | $1.80
  • 900 Numbers | $15.00 | $10.00
  • Emergency Number 119 | NO CHARGE

7.At what times does the free shuttle run between Samsara & Legends?

The free shuttle runs daily from Samsara to Legends at 10:00am, and from Legends to Samsara at 4:00pm. We also have dinner shuttles from Samsara to Legends on Tuesday and Friday nights departing Samsara at 6:30pm, returning to Samsara at 9:00pm. A dinner shuttle from Legends to Samsara on Thursdays and Sundays departs Legends at 6:00 pm, returning to Legends at 9:00pm. We also do several "unofficial" trips during the day, so if you need a ride and we're going anyway, hop on!

8.What time is coffee ready in the morning?

Coffee is generally available from 7:30 am in the dining room. Many of our guests who are early risers bring a small coffee maker with them for their room. Alternatively, we have a few at the hotel we lend out on a first-come-first-serve basis. All Pillar Houses and the Family Suite are equipped with coffee makers.

9.Do you provide Safety Deposit Boxes?

Yes. Samsara and Legends have safety deposit boxes at our offices, for rent at $3 per day.

10.Are room equipped with fridges, hair dryers and/or irons?

No, but we do have some hairdryers and irons at the front desk, which we loan out on a first-come-first-served basis and fridges may be rented through our reservations team for $12 per day. We recommend advance booking as the supply is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Note that the Garden Side Junior Suites and the Ocean View Family Villa at Samsara have fridges, toasters, and coffee makers; the Pillar Houses have fridges and coffee makers. (You will need to purchase your coffee and supplies, which is easy to do at the convenience store next door to Samsara.)

11.Do you provide beach towels?

Samsara and Legends both supply bath towels only. We recommend that you bring your own beach towels or, better yet, pick up a cool souvenir beach towel once you get here!

12.Is the front desk open 24 hours?

Front desk hours are 7 am to 10 pm. Guests arriving after office hours will be greeted by a member of our security team. Guests are asked to complete their check-in process the following morning at the front desk. In addition, guests departing the hotel before 7 am must complete their check-out process by 9 pm the night before departure.


The All-Inclusive Plan includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus unlimited domestic alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from 10 am to 10 pm. 
  • All-inclusive guests enjoy exchange privileges on their meals and drinks at our sister property via free hotel shuttle twice daily at 10 am and 4 pm.
  • Meals are usually served buffet style; however, in the low season, meals are occasionally served from an a la carte menu.
  • Snacks, lobster, shrimp, steak, bottled beer, bottled sodas, bottled water, wine, and top-shelf premium liquors are not included in the all-inclusive plan, but are available for purchase.


All-Inclusive Drinks Include: 

  • Draught Red Stripe beer
  • Draught sodas and fruit juices
  • Pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris
  • A wide variety of rum, vodka, or gin-based cocktails including frozen smoothies

14.What drinks are included in the All-Inclusive Plan?

All domestic liquor, liqueurs, and Red Stripe draft beer, plus soft drinks and assorted fruit juices are included. Wine is not included as it is not produced locally and must be imported, however, it is available for purchase and reasonably priced.

We offer a wide variety of cocktails made with domestic rum, gin, and vodka in them – you can download the All-Inclusive Cocktail Menu here. Premium cocktails that use imported liqueurs and/or spirits are also available at an extra charge.

15.Are All-Inclusive Meals & Drinks exchangeable at both Samsara and Legends?

Yes! Once you're on the All-Inclusive Plan, you can have your meals and drinks at either resort. However, RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED for having meals at the sister property. Please visit the Front Desk of your primary hotel to reserve a table at least 3 hours in advance. This courtesy helps us with meal planning. Thanks!

Please note that meals at Ciao Jamaica are not included in the All-Inclusive Plan.

16.Is bottled water included in the All-Inclusive Plan?

No. Tap water is very safe to drink in Jamaica therefore bottled water is not covered by the all-inclusive plan. We do sell bottled water.

17.Am I required to wear a bracelet for the meal plan?

Yes. We have different-colored wristbands for our meal plans. Since some of our guests are not on a meal plan at all, the bands allow our staff to identify you easily and ensure your exchange privileges at both resorts. Wristbands must be worn at all times during your stay and are removed at check-out.

18.Is there a dress code in the dining room?

Yes. Although it's still casual, we do require that guests dining and/or drinking at the bar wear cover-ups over bathing suits, as well as footwear of some kind. In addition, for everyone's safety and comfort, we ask that guests do not enter the dining/bar area in wet clothing or bathing suits. We kindly ask that you dry off first.

19.Does the Basic Wedding Package price of $1150 include tax and service charge?

Tax and service is additional at 20%. The total price for the Basic Wedding Package including tax and service charge is $1380. For more information visit our wedding pages for more details and great photos from our weddings! For Samsara Cliff Resort click here. For Legends Beach Resort click here.

20.Is it safe to jump and swim from the cliffs?

As most of you know, visitors to Negril love to jump from the cliffs! Do remember that jumping, diving and swimming off the cliffs is at your own risk and there is no lifeguard on duty. As signs indicate, children are not allowed to be near cliffs or beach, nor swim in the sea without adult supervision. Also please note important safety procedures related to stormy weather. You are reminded never to approach the cliff or beach shore, nor swim in the ocean when the red flag is raised and warning signs are posted.

21.Is there a Dive Shop on property?

No, there is currently no scuba/dive shop on property, however we will be glad to recommend you to several local scuba dive shops. Just ask at the front desk.

22.If I leave something in my room can you send it to me?

We do hold items left behind in our lost & found for 30 days and are happy to send it to you at your expense. If we do not hear from you within that time, we will make an attempt to contact you one more time but items are generally disposed of after 30 days.

23.Do Samsara & Legends allow unregistered visitors onto the property?

Persons wishing to visit registered hotel guests must check-in at the front desk and pay the relevant fee for either a day-pass or overnight-pass, which varies by meal plan. Kindly contact our reservations desk for details.


The Garden Side rooms at Legends are located across the street from the oceanside section of the hotel, in a peaceful setting surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

25.Where are Samsara's Garden Side rooms located?

The Garden Side rooms at Samsara are located across the street from the oceanside section of the hotel, in a peaceful setting surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

26.What's the difference between Beach Side and Garden Side Rooms at Legends?

The beach road bisects the Samsara property, so Garden Side rooms are on the land side of the road, and Beach Side rooms are on the beach side of the road. Beachside, however, does not indicate a beach view. For that, you would need to book a Deluxe Ocean View room.

27.What is the voltage in Jamaica?

Our voltage is the same as in North America, 110 volts. European guests need adaptors and possibly transformers depending on the electronic device.

28.Do the rooms have cooking facilities?

Most rooms do not have fridges or kitchenettes. However, we do have excellent prices on meal plans exchangeable at both Samsara and Legends Resorts. It's your vacation after all, so let us do the cooking for you!

The accommodations that do have some cooking facilities are the Garden Side Junior Suites, the Ocean View Family Villa, and the Pillar Houses at Samsara. The Pillar Houses have fridges and coffee makers; the Junior Suites and the Family Villa have fridges, toasters, and coffee makers. (You will need to purchase your coffee and supplies, which is easy to do at the convenience store next door to Samsara.)

29.What is the cancellation policy?

Bookings are non-refundable if canceled 21 days or less prior to arrival. Last-minute bookings less than 21 days prior to arrival are non-refundable. Providing that all hotel facilities and room amenities are as described at check-in, early departures are considered cancellations without notice and are non-refundable.

30.Are bedding requests guaranteed?

Bedding requests are important to us, but cannot be guaranteed. While we do our utmost to accommodate your needs, we regret that it’s not always possible to meet 100% of all bedding preferences.

31.What is the $1 per night charge on my bill?

As of September 1, 2012, the government announced a new room tax, which is the US $1 per night added to your bill and payable at check-out.

32.If I request a specific room, do you guarantee that I'll get it?

Specific rooms are never guaranteed, but we do take your request seriously. We will do our utmost to provide your requested room or a similar one at check-in. Please understand that due to practicalities of managing the ebb and flow of room occupancy, as well as multiple special requests at any given time, it is simply not possible to guarantee each and every request for a specific room.

33.What are the Hotel Check-in Requirements?

  • The credit card used to make the booking must be presented at check-in;
  • The credit card used to make the booking will be charged at check-in to pay local taxes.
  • Only cards with chip or magnetic strip are accepted;
  • One of the travelers must be the cardholder with a valid ID;
  • If the cardholder is not one of the travelers check-in is not be possible unless you contact our reservations team in advance;
  • All room occupants must present a valid ID at check-in;
  • A refundable incidental deposit by credit card is required at check-in (USD $100)
  • Please note we do not accept cash incidental deposits.

34.Is an incidentals deposit required at check-in?

Yes. We require a USD $100 deposit by credit card at check-in. This deposit goes toward any incidental charges not included in your package, such as food and beverage tabs, spa treatments, telephone calls, etc. Nothing is charged to your card however, it is a pre-authorized "hold" in the amount of $100 USD until checkout at which time it is released back to your card. We ask that accounts be settled by 9:00pm the evening before check-out. Please note, we do not accept cash incidental deposits.

35.Do you have a toll free number?

No, but we do have a USA number which only costs as much as a domestic call when you call from North America. For some people, this is free with their service provider. The number is 1-305-320-1598.

36.Are airport transfers included in hotel rates?

The hotel rates do not include transfers, but we can arrange easy and convenient transportation to the hotel from Montego Bay International Airport. Just send us your flight details and we'll set up a no-hassle ride between the airport and Samsara or Legends Resorts. We also arrange transfers back to the airport.

37.Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes! We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Only cards with a chip or magnetic strip are accepted. A 4% processing fee is added to credit card transactions.

38.Do I need a Passport to enter Jamaica?

Yes. All visitors require a valid passport to enter and exit Jamaica. Airlines and Jamaica immigration will not allow you to check-in without a valid passport, so avoid disappointment and get one as soon as you plan to travel here. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for travel interruption due to invalid passports or other personal travel documents.